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SCtsnet wiki notes search: view | edit | history | attachments | about ctsnet wiki notes main » tricuspid valve disease tricuspid valve disease tricuspid valve disease 1. Pathology a. Congenital 1) av canal 2) vsd 3) ebstein's 4) myxoma 2. Acquired structural functional rheumatic disease cor-pulmonale endocarditis inferior mi carcinoid left-sided lesion tricuspid valve 3. Normal anatomy a. Septal, posterior and anterior leflets b. viagra cost 5 mg Annulus- sphincter-like function c. Septal annulus- fixed d. cheap viagra online Dilatation only in anterior and posterior annulus 4. Functional incompetence of the tricuspid valve a. Most common form of tricuspid dysfunction b. viagra cost 5 mg No leaflet or subvalvular abnormality c. viagra cheapest online Rv dilatation (secondary to left-sided lesion) d. Rv volume overload e. viagra cost 5 mg Pulmonary hypertension- "pop-off" safety feature 5. Rheumatic disease a. Functional tr due to left-sided lesion b. viagra pills online uk Structural- never isolated 1) stenosis- rare 2) mixed- stenosis/regurgitation c. Most common cause for tricuspid replacement 6. Endocarditis a. Usually iv drug abusers b. Pseudomonas/ staph. Aureus c. cheap viagra Gram negatives, fungal d. Tr, septic pulmonary emboli e. Antibiotics highly successful 7. Clinical-- tricuspid stenosis a. Prominent jugular "a-wave" or atrial fibrillation b. viagra generic buy online +/- systolic murmur c. Enlarged liver d. buy viagra online in the united states Right atrial enlargement e. Cath >4mm enlargement 8. where to buy viagra Clinical-- tricuspid regurgitation a. Cannon waves in jugular pulse b. Pansystolic murmur c. Pulsatile hepatomegaly/ascites/edema d. Generic viagra buy uk Catheterization- not accurate e. viagra generic version Echocardiography 1) reversal of flow in ivc 2) paradoxical atrial septal shift 3) annular dilatation f. generic viagra online canadian pharmacy Intraoperative- digital exam 9. How long can the effects of viagra last Indications for surgery a. no rx viagra cheap Tricuspid stenosis 1) gradient > 4 mmhg 2) commissurotomy vs replacement b. Tricuspid regurgitation 1) clinical decision- improvement with repair of left-sided lesion 2) moderate to severe tr or any structural tr 3) rv volume overload 4) right-sided heart failure 5) repair vs replacement c. recreational use of viagra by women Endocarditis 1) severe tr 2) persistent sepsis 3) recurrent pe 4) excision vs replacement vs repair 10. Repair a. viagra for sale Ring annuloplasty 1) shorten anterior-posterior annulus 2) avoid septal annulus b. Sewn annuloplasty 1) kay 2) devega c. Can be done after cross-clamp removal 11. Replacement a. Bioprosthetic valve if >/= 28 mm b. buy generic viagra Smaller annulus consider prosthetic valve c. Septal sutures in base of leaflet d. Epicardial permanent pacemaker electrodes 12. Excision a. If iv drug abuser ceases abuse b. Second-stage replacement 13. Results. buying viagra online without prescription erving the Greater Charlottesville Area
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Pregnancy and birth are transformative experiences in a woman and her family's life. Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education program. You learn about pregnancy and staying healthy, birth as a physiological, natural process, birth choices, and postnatal care for mom and baby. In addition you will learn how to use hypnosis to "reprogram" your mind, replacing any negative ideas your mind has surrounding childbirth with new, positive images, and also to create deep relaxation and natural anesthesia for an easier more comfortable birth experience.


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