Instructor Susan May, HCHI

Estela and Peter's Birth Story

We had a wonderful birthing experience! As you know, we were worried about the possibility of having to have the birth induced, but we used the tools you gave us and on the night of Dec. 13 we had our first successful nipple stimulation. Before that, I had absolutly no waves. At 1:00 am on the 14th I woke up with a really strong wave - I knew then that it was almost time! The waves started out 30 minutes apart.  I tried sleeping through it and was awakened by the wave every 30 minutes. At 6 am the waves were 20-25 minutes apart, and they were getting a little stronger. Mid-morning they moved to 15 minutes apart. I used many of the hypnobabies tracks and positions we learned. spending time in a warm bath helped me get through alot of the waves. Around 3 pm the waves were 8-10 minutes apart. My birthing time was getting closer and closer.

Around 7:30 pm  I felt an urge to push, the waves were about 5 minutes apart then, I took a shower and my husband got the car packed and ready for us to head to the hospital. We got to the hospital around 9 pm. The nurse at the triage put me on a monitor, and I was examined (6cm dilated), the baby was in perfect position for birth. The triage nurse asked me if I took any classes. When I told her yes, she said that she could tell. After a little bit of monitoring she sent me to the hallway to do some walking because she said my contractions were not strong enough, and I wasn't dilated enough either. I went out to walk and at 11:15pm my water broke. I went back into triage and refused vaginal examination. The triage nurse wasn't very happy with my decision but she had no choice but to move me to the birthing center room.

My midwife and the nurse assigned to us respected all my birthing preferences to the max; they were super supportive and impressed by how prepared Peter and I were. More people than I had planned showed up at the hospital. I used my bubble of peace and tuned them out. When I was transfered to the room, and the room started filling up with people, I looked at Peter and told him to set the atmosphere. The nurse heard me too, so she started turning off lights and turning on soft music. The room grew silent. When the midwife did another examination I was still 6cm dilated- I heard someone ask the nurse how long I was going to take. The nurse went on to tell him that she did not know for sure, but that it's usually "1 hour per cm." After hearing that some of the spectators left to go home. I smiled because I remembered that "we do not birth by numbers."

Shortly after that I went to the bathroom. While I was in there I had a very strong wave; I used the shower in there to help me get through those. I felt that strong sensation to push again and the nurse came in and took me to the tub where I was going to give birth. My nurse and midwife just watched me and allowed me to push on my own, everyone that spoke to me gave me lots of positive and encouraging support. My friend who was filming asked my midwife when I was going to start pushing, she told her that I had been pushing, and pointed out that the head was already showing. My friend asked her why she wasn't coaching me and the midwife said "she knows what she is doing; she doesn't need any coaching -  this is an extra special birth"  At 1:40 am, my baby was born. 

Peter and I kept on saying how grateful we were to have taken the Hypnobabies class. He was a great birth partner. I will say my birthing experience was not completely painless, but the majority of the time it was! It would hurt when I was not breathing correctly. Sometimes I would breath out for a long breath but wouldn't take in the same long breath. The waves would hurt when I did that, but Peter would get right in there and breath with me to get me to completely breath in and out. When he would do that, I would breeze through the waves without feeling any pain. 

Thank you so much for everything!

Estela and Peter

PS. I think I believe the myth of heartburn caused by the baby having a lot of hair-- Our son was born with a full head of hair. 

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