Instructor Susan May, HCHI

Caroline and Ryan's Birth Story

Last Wednesday, when Ryan and I were walking the dogs, I started having some pressure waves. No big deal at all, literally, it just felt like my stomach was tightening up for a few seconds, and then it would relax. I continued to have the waves up until the middle of the night, and then they subsided. Well, again on Thursday during our walk, I had the same thing happen again. As soon as we started walking, the pressure waves started, and they continued throughout the night, but by morning they had subsided. Again, I had no pain, only pressure, that was 100% manageable and comfortable. On Friday, I told Ryan I was determined to walk this baby out! :-) So around 1pm, I went to the mall and got my walk on for an hour. Then when Ryan got home from work we went on a walk with the dogs and again, the pressure waves started back up.

By around 8pm, the pressure waves were a consistent 5 minutes apart, so I called my doctor. She of course asked what my pain scale was from 1-10, and I said I didn't have any pain at all. I reminded her I was doing Hypnobabies and that I was only having some pressure and sometimes the pressure felt like very mild period cramps. She told me since I wasn't feeling any pain, to just stay at home until I started having more intense pressure waves. Ryan and I went to bed to listen to our tracks around 9pm. At about 11pm, I woke Ryan up and said that I think my water just broke. I told him that I thought we should go ahead and get to the hospital too. So he started packing the car while I went to get a little cleaned up. I also immediately turned on my early first stage track to listen to it. 

By 12am, we were at the hospital and completely settled in. The doctor came in to check me and said that I was 5cm dilated. Ryan started prepping the room (taking the clock off the wall and putting up our signs). He also gave the nurses (who were all amazing) our basket of goodies. They all came in the room and thanked us repeatedly. Ryan also answered all of the nurses questions that she started asking because I was lying in bed listening to my birthing day affirmations track at that point. After I finished that track, I decided to change positions. I sat on the birthing ball for a bit, and then I actually ended up sitting on the toilet for about 45minutes. I never thought I would do that, but it felt very comfortable at the time. After I finished one of my pressure waves, I decided to get back into bed and lay on my side. I pretty much stayed in hypnosis with my switch off, while I layed in bed. It just felt very peaceful to do at the time. Around 3:30am, the doctor came back in to check me and said that I was 10cm and ready to push whenever I wanted. Ryan and I just looked at each other like we couldn't believe that I was fully dilated. At the same time, Ryan asked if i wanted to turn on my pushing baby out track, and I said yes. The doctor then asked if I wanted to try and push the baby down a bit. I told her (for some crazy reason) to give me three minutes, haha, but I didn't want to start pushing yet. I told her I wanted to wait to see if my body would do it on its own. She said no problem, and that she would be back in a few because she was going to go deliver another baby across the hall. 

No sooner did she walk out the door, my body got that urge to push. I looked at my nurse who looked at me and then proceeded to yell out the door, "Get a midwife in here now, this girl is having a baby!" Again I was shocked because she then told me that she could see the head. My body immediately took over, and with two more pushes, they were handing me our baby girl! :-) Ryan took a video, and my face looks like I'm in shock at the fact that it went so quickly. 

I am still amazed at the fact that my birth went so well. It was a bit uncomfortable at times, but I kept using my bubble of peace and Hypnobabies cues. I kept telling myself to take it one wave at a time. Ryan would use the relax cue frequently throughout as well. He was such a rockstar hypno-guardian through the entire process. 

After giving birth, there were multiple nurses who came in and kept saying you did amazing and that they had never seen anything like my birth before. I'm not going to lie, that made me feel like a total badass. :-) They also kept coming in while I was having pressure waves and looking at the monitors too and couldn't believe that I was just lying in bed in hypnosis. I had no clue they were even in the room, until Ryan showed me videos that he had taken during the process.

I am so blessed that I was able to enjoy my birthing process, and it is definitely all thanks to Hypnobabies! 

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